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Saying ‘Yes’ in Botswana-a guest post by Kelly Kidson

Kelly Kidson (now Robertson) shares her magical Botswana engagement love story.

What’s the most romantic place on earth you ask? I’d answer without a second thought: ‘It’s Botswana!’ The romance of Botswana is unquestionable. And it was the perfect setting to be asked the most important and ‘butterflies-in-my-tummy’ filled question of my life.

Saying Yes in Botswana- Sunset at platform_preview

Sunset at the platform in the Magadigadi salt pans © Kelly Robertson


It was the 21st of March, and we were at our happy place. The whiteness of the Makgadikgadi salt pan sands encircled us, interspersed with honey-gold tufts of Botswana grassveld. We dotted that landscape – the only two human dots there. Beside Sowa Pan, its salty water waters licking softly at the shore, he was down on one knee looking up at me with wide eyes and I gasped… loudly. My hands flew to my cheeks in surprise and wordless delight as I realised what was happening. In the next breath I found my voice and repeated the answer from behind the widest grin and tear-blinking eyes. ‘Yes! Of course, yes!’ I shrieked as he placed the one-of-a-kind ring on my waiting finger. He swung me around in his arms, between kisses, giggling and overwhelming happiness.



Engaged!!! ©Kelly Robertson


Too nauseatingly gushy for you?  Tough! That’s exactly how it all happened and I haven’t been able to wipe the monkey smile off my face since. If I’m writing like we’re in a Mills and Boons novel set in the pans then I’m ok with that. I was proposed to in my favourite place by the love of my life. I’m completely caught up in the romance of it all so just give into it and share the mushy romance. It’s real.

It was a moment I’ll rewind and watch over and over again in my mind forever. A moment that was ours alone; witnessed only by a solitary pelican on the water, a flock of flamingos that flew over at sunset and a few wildebeest in the far background. It couldn’t have been more perfect. It couldn’t have been anywhere else but Botswana. The exact spot in the Makgadikgadi Pans, where our engagement took place is special to us. It’s on the sandy shoreline at the ‘platform’- a small elevated wooden viewpoint structure next to one of the largest bodies of water within the Nata Bird Sanctuary.


platform 3_preview

© Kelly Robertson

Sowa Pan, Nata Bird Sanctuary_preview

Sowa Pan, Nata Bird Sanctuary © Kelly Robertson


The water is ocean-like in its vastness and from that spot near the platform; you can’t see its end. Birdlife is plentiful and busy, and that’s the only thing that bustles there.  It’s quiet. It’s remote. And it’s oh-so-romantic in its wildness and natural beauty.

Just over 3 years before this, we discovered this spot. We were on our first trip as a new couple and on our first night in Botswana we bush-camped right there, at our future engagement site. Similarly, we were the only two humans around then and had the expanse of natural wonderment all to ourselves. We were in awe of it then and on our return trip we felt the same sense of amazement and the feeling that we were part of that landscape.

The rest of our trip transformed into a romantic engagement holiday where we celebrated in our own bush-loving way at each stop. We traversed through the flat, wild and intoxicating landscape that is elephant country from Nata to Kasane, onto a houseboat on the Chobe River and then into the Chobe National Park . We then headed back to the South African border by camping at some incredible spots.

 The Botswana bush is wild at heart and murmurs of constant adventure. Sunsets are more vivid and command silence and reflection and the sundowners at the best time of day taste better. It’s the perfect setting for an African love story. 

date in the sand_preview

Date in the sand ©Kelly Robertson

Planning a romantic getaway in Botswana?

Kelly Recommends…

Nata Lodge: We were spoilt with champagne, congratulations and chilled bushveld recuperation at Nata Lodge. We especially loved staying in a safari tent there. Ours was next to a giant termite mound and boasted the most romantic outdoor shower too. Nata Lodge is an absolute must as a stop over stop on route towards Chobe whether you camp or treat yourselves to a night in the rustic safari accommodation options. They also offer pan drives as an extra activity and we went on a guided drive through the Nata Bird Sanctuary as part of our stay. Stay for 2 nights if you can.

Original article published on Bushbound Girl. Read the full article here.

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