What to expect during a summer safari on the Chobe River

Although Botswana is a year-round safari destination, every shifting season offers its own set of spectacular highlights.

Summer lures diverse birds to our vast skies, fresh foliage unfurls from its winter slumber, and there is an unprecedented eruption of mammal, insect and reptile life during this captivating time of year.

Green Season Chobe Elephants

From November to April, Botswana celebrates rainfall, lush bushveld, and thriving wildlife. The water level of the Chobe River slowly starts to rise again, peaking in May, and the shore boasts a verdant backdrop brimming with life. This is summer in Botswana, our gorgeous green season!

Here’s what to expect on a summer safari in the Chobe National Park.


Experience the circle of life

While wildlife may be easier to spot during the dry season because the grass is shorter and game congregates at the last water sources, summer in Botswana is the best time of year to ‘ooooh’ and ‘aaaaah’ at all the bountiful baby animals.

Green Season Chobe Impalas

Plains game are well-fed on the plentiful vegetation and in peak condition to tend to their young. Impalas drop their lambs that congregate in bustling nurseries and this calving season extends to many other species, such as wildebeest, warthog, zebra, buffalo and more.

Although undeniably cute, we must remember that the Chobe National Park is not Disneyland. Predators prowl in the wake of these newborns (often with their own little ones in tow), hoping for an easy meal.


Document a photographic paradise

In summer, the rains mainly occur as short afternoon showers and seldom spoil your safari experience (however, always pack a raincoat and waterproof dry bag for electronics, just in case!). Stunning emerald grasslands and abundant wildflowers create outstanding landscapes and backdrops for your animal subjects. Not to mention the epic drama of an impending downpour!

Green Season Chobe Safari Lodge

A theatre of cloud cover creates fantastic texture for colourful sunsets at this time of year, plus longer light hours with the sun dipping below the horizon at around 19h00.

Savour the small stuff

It might not be to everyone’s liking, but a summer safari exhibits the full scope of wildlife in Botswana, from arachnids and adders to platannas and butterflies. Insects and frogs dominate the summer safari soundtrack filling the Chobe National Park with a chorus of clicks, squeals and bubbling songs. These creatures also deepen the nature experience and illustrate the wider ecological web at work. After all, who will pollinate the towering riverine trees that the leopards love to loll about without the little insects?

Set out on a beautiful boat safari

The water levels across the Okavango Delta are at their lowest during summer, and water activities can be limited, but further north, the Chobe River offers year-round boating safaris.

Summer Boat Cruise Chobe River

Watch hippos and crocodiles basking in the summer sun and admire the myriad of other species that call the Chobe River home.


Fall in love with bird watching

Chobe Safari Lodge might be the easiest place to become a bird watcher!

Whether cruising the water or strolling our indigenous gardens, there are fantastic bird photography opportunities and many easy-to-identify species.

Bee eater Chobe National Park

Starting in November, migrant birds flock to the Chobe River from Asia, Europe and other parts of Africa. The cuckoo calls ring through the branches, vibrant feathers fill the skies and eagle-eyed predators patrol the waterways.

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Chobe Fish Eagle

It is an extraordinary affair of kaleidoscopic plumageĀ and raucous mating calls that bring a unique energy to this premier wilderness area. The sandy riverbanks and surrounding vegetation become home to many busy birds. A thrilling way to get up close to water bird species, such as the African jacana, African skimmer or plentiful ducks, geese, herons and egrets, is by cruising along the Chobe River.

Don’t forget to pack a pair of binoculars and pick up a species checklist when staying at Chobe Safari Lodge.


Where should I stay for a summer safari in Botswana?

Set on the banks of the elephant-rich Chobe River, Chobe Safari Lodge occupies the best riverfront position in Kasane. Chobe Bush Lodge shares a boundary with the Chobe National Park in Kasane and lies within walking distance of the Chobe riverfront and Chobe Safari Lodge. Baboons, warthogs and mongooses may be seen at any time at our wonderfully wild accommodation!

Established in 1959, decades of hosting adventurers and safari-lovers ensure this remains an ideal expedition base for iconic game viewing by boat, game drives or visits to Victoria Falls.

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