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2019 Guests Reveal Why a Botswana Safari is a Must

If you are considering going on a Botswana safari but not sure what it really is all about and whether it is actually worth the investment, then this one is for you. Take a read through what some of guests had to say on TripAdvisor about the safaris they have taken this year to Botswana’s various wilderness destinations.  

Under One Botswana Sky, Botswana, Botswana Safari, Travel Plans

Chobe Bush Lodge

A fantastic experience

After a long day of travel and a short boat trip to cross into Botswana we were warmly welcomed and immediately sent off on a game drive. Our guide and driver was Kenny and we were soon to be thrilled with our experience. The entrance to the Chobe National Park is close to the hotel so we were soon immersed in elephant, lion, impala, kudu and giraffe. Not to mention dozens of amazing breeds of bird.

On our return we found our huge room, B6, to be bright, airy and very clean. It had large patio doors opening out onto an area of bush so we had impala and warthogs as our neighbours. Dinner was great and the staff were friendly and helpful. We had an early morning visit to the park before a great breakfast.

Written by: Terry H
Home location: Billericay, UK

Under One Botswana Sky, Botswana, Botswana Safari, Travel Plans

Chobe Safari Lodge

Excellent customer relations, terrific buffet

The staff are tops. As a single woman, I often receive less attention/consideration than couples or men. To my delight, I was extremely welcomed by not just the Director of Guests but all staff. Easy to book safaris/river cruises; clean rooms with mosquito netting; superb buffets that included a selection of exotic game meats.

Watched warthogs root around while vervet monkeys, baboons, banded mongoose and bushbuck roamed in front of my room. The spa was under remodel so can’t speak for the services. Gorgeous sunsets. Sigh.

Written by: Lisa F
Home location: Unknown

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Nata Lodge

Wonderful facilities

Great place to stay for camping. Camping grounds had best facilities we came across in South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe particularly the showers and toilets. Couple of people in our group upgraded to chalets and they looked very good also.

Nice bar and restaurant with friendly staff. They have a pool but it’s very cold and you can only spend a minute or so in it, although it’s refreshing and worth a jump in and out. Great place to explore the salt flats from.

Written by: Jason S
Home location: Melbourne, Australia

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Gunn’s Camp

Wonderful wildlife and knowledgeable guides

We came to Gunn’s Camp when the water level was very low, so we went on a boat ride in a channel and on a couple of walks. We saw some amazing wildlife, including a bat-eared fox and a pod of 50-69 hippos. There were so many beautiful birds as well. The guides really knew where to go and how to behave around animals and were so knowledgeable.

The staff were very hospitable and the fruit bats at the entrance were cute. Would love to come back again! I saw a comment by somebody complaining about the lack of field vehicles for safaris (!). This is a place in the middle of the delta, typically with little dry land on which to walk or drive, but spectacular views. This is a unique feature of this area and not a flaw.

Written by: Tbosak
Home location: Massachusetts, USA

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Moremi Crossing

Fabulous experience

My husband and I absolutely loved our time at Moremi Crossing. It was more than we could have imagined. The camp was perfect. It was so quiet and connected to the natural environment. We were given a warm greeting by Onks, the Camp Manager. Loved the very personal attention.

Our game guide, Stanley, was wonderful and very knowledgeable as was our spotter, Max. They knew how to find the animals! They showed us 3-week old lion cubs. Also we spent 45 minutes watching a leopard up close. Saw lots of elephants, hippos, cape buffalo, etc and thousands of impalas. I loved the fact that we were virtually alone…6 of us…on our game drives. These great memories will stay with us forever.

Written by: Barbara C
Home location: Edmonton, Canada

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Pom Pom Camp

Highlight of our trip

Recently stayed at Pom Pom camp as the first stop of a 3-week holiday. It set the benchmark for the rest of the trip. The staff were super knowledgeable and helpful, the animal life was nothing short of amazing and we still cannot believe how close our guides were able to get us to the unique African animals.

Could not have had a better start to our trip of a lifetime. Incredible!! Loved the atmosphere of the camp, wonderful food, brilliant safari drives… it was all better than expected. Thank you Pom Pom people!!!

Written by: Fusstidious
Home location: Ballina, Australia

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Rra Dinare

The iconic African experience!

As the other reviews have mentioned, this camp (posh tents) was truly a memorable experience especially as my first safari adventure and staying away from anything remotely urban!! The tents were very comfortable as mentioned and the outdoor showers were blissful! It was a dreamlike existence with the most delightful staff run by Andy and Dineo who were so caring and thoughtful. We had delicious meals, we were brought hot tea or coffee early morning as our wake up call before a quick breakfast and morning drive.

Then we had a brunch which was wonderful with a colourful variety of dishes along with eggs. Before the afternoon/evening drive we had another small meal and the dinner was served nightly at 8pm. We did see so many animals including leopard and lions!! Graceful giraffes and zebras and impalas!! Everything was perfection!

I would like everyone to have this unique experience! I must also say that the guides were terrific! They had such knowledge and passion!! I had a lot of drives with Amos,  Moroko, Sixteen and Emaxx; also Moss for a nature walk!

Written by: Nancy Rose
Home location: London, UK

Under One Botswana Sky, Botswana, Botswana Safari, Travel Plans

Mma Dinare

Best experience of our Africa trip

This place was absolutely delightful for our group of 10. The accommodation was superior and on a scale of 10 the staff was 15. They were very friendly, accommodating and fun to be around. The food was very good, varied and interesting. The Co-manager, Mmapula, who was in attendance while the other Manager was away, watched us make Bloody Marys one day after our morning drive and had a tray of them for us after the morning drive the next day without being asked to do so.

The Big 5 were in the area when we visited and some of us saw them as well as cheetahs, and were told that it was unusual to see cheetahs and leopards in the same day which happened in our case. We had such a wonderful time that we want to go back for another visit even though we likely could never replicate the wildlife experiences.

My wife and I have traveled extensively over the years, and are foodies, as well, and this was the next best experience we have had aside from our honeymoon. We had spent 3 nights before the 3 here in a lodge near Kasane, then went to Victoria Falls for one night and then on to Cape Town and wine country for 5 nights before returning to the States.

Written by: Bernie B
Home location: Florida, USA

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