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We engaged Tebelopele Testing Center to bring their services to our Staff Members. They were Counseling and Screening HIV/Aids on the 01st – 4th September 2016. 71 staff members were counseled and Tested for HIV/AIDS with 39 males and 33 Females. It shows than nowadays men cares about their lives.

Kachikau Primary School Special Unit-Outreach

DatesEquipment DonatedBeneficiaryInvited Guests
8th August 20163pcs Set: Fitted Sheets, Flat Sheet and Side Pillow CasesMattress Protector Water ProofGoody Bags with presentsFruits for the kidsThe unveiling of the Adopt the School BoardKachikau Special Unit (30 kids) with different disabilities.Regional Education Officer, Media, Kgosi, Acting Director of Chobe Region – Education PTA chairpersons, Village Development Committee ,Honorable Councilor – Kachikau Village, Parents of the kids, the community at large, 30 Chobe Safari Lodge staff members

Under one Botswana Sky – Chobe Safari Lodge

We have extended our support for Kachikau Special Unit by renewing our pledge to adopt the special unit until 2020. We did this in order to support the Botswana Education Department request for companies to give back to the Community as a Cooperate Social Responsibility and also promoting one of the Botswana’s 2016 Vision Pillars namely A Compassionate, Just Caring Nation. Through this project we have raise awareness to the community, media and other companies nd we are very happy to announce that lot of companies are now aware of what we are doing and they are also involved by giving back to the community.

The community is also involved and are recognizing and appreciating what Chobe Safari Lodge is doing. During the Bots 50 Celebration the community of Kachikau invited us to the village and we were very honored as we received the Appreciation Certificate from the Kgosi on behalf of the School and the Community of Kachikau for Adopting the Special Unit.

We are now busy with the preparation for the 2016 Chistmas Party for the Vanurable kids of Chobe as well as the Physically and Mentally Disable kids of Kachikau Specil Unit which will be on the 2nd December 2016.

List Of What we have Done from December 2015 till to date.

  • Donation of Mattresses, and Linen to the Kachikau Special Unit
  • Educational Tour to Biodiversity Centre: Kachikau Speacial Unit Kids
  • Painting of the Special Unit Dometries and Donation of Mosquito Nets, Toiletry and Goody Bags
  • Donation of wheel Chairs, hats, fruits and Vegetables

Below are the photos of all the Outreach we have done this year.