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Camping in the Okavango Delta

Wilderness Camping in the Okavango Delta with Moremi Crossing

Got a big camping idea, but just no gear? Complement the magic of a mokoro ride and the endless wonders of a walking safari with a night out camping comfortably.

Camping in the Okavango Delta

Guests can book an overnight outdoors adventure in the Okavango Delta wilderness when staying at Moremi Crossing or Gunn’s Camp.


Where exactly is Moremi Crossing? And why is it so special?

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The eco-friendly Moremi Crossing lodge rests below tall palm trees in the Okavango Delta. It’s islanded for most of the year when water, flowing south from the highlands of Angola, fills the swampy floodplains. This incredible annual descent of water makes Moremi Crossing an ideal destination for boating and walking safaris.

Lonely Planet describes Chief’s Island as “the Okavango Delta as you always imagined it”. Thanks to tectonic activity, this spit of land lies raised above surrounding water levels and thus provides refuge to the delta’s wildlife when the floods descend.

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Moremi Crossing is so named because of its proximity to Moremi Game Reserve. Perched on the banks of the Boro River channel, the lodge sits directly across from the reserve and Chief’s Island. All it takes to get this rich wildlife area is an easy water crossing aboard a mokoro. This traditional mode of Okavango transport is frequently used for activities at Moremi Crossing.

Thankfully, animals don’t need any transport at all! Plains game, big game, quite frankly all of the game freely crisscross the man-made boundary lines that exist purely on paper and they commonly wander about the lodge grounds.

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Guests can explore the abundance of Chief’s Island (and others in the area) using a combination of mokoro trips then setting out on foot under the protection and expertise of our wildlife guides. These bushwalks give guests an authentic safari experience with close, but safe encounters with the plentiful wildlife this island is famed for. A walking safari takes you to places inaccessible to the four wheels of a game vehicle – and in relative silence.

Accommodation at Moremi Crossing consists of 16 large Meru-style canvas-walled chalets set on raised wooden decks. Each unit has a private veranda, en-suite facilities and a comfortable bed screened by a walk-in mosquito net.

Moremi Crossing Camp Okavango


Where is Gunn’s Camp?

Gunn’s Camp sits in the same concession as Moremi Crossing and enjoys the very same access to Moremi Game Reserve and its many animal assets.

Set between African Ebony trees to blend naturally with its unique surroundings, Gunn’s Camp is smaller than Moremi Crossing. There are six deluxe suites featuring stand-alone baths.

Whether staying at Moremi Crossing or Gunn’s Camp, you can enjoy an extraordinary wilderness adventure. Contrast these lodge comforts with a night of simple camping outside in the wild.


What is it like to camp in the Okavango Delta?

Guests need not lift a finger or require any equipment to enjoy a camping experience in the Okavango Delta.

Set off on a walking safari from Moremi Crossing or Gunn’s Camp. This activity usually spans two to three hours, depending on fitness and interests.

Consult the professional guide beforehand, and he will design a route that best fits your needs.

After an afternoon walking the meandering game paths, cautiously enjoying private wildlife sightings and deciphering the animal tracks underfoot, campers will arrive just in time for sunset.

Welcome to our exclusive overnight stop, a comfy campsite prepared ahead of time just for you! Enjoy the unobscured views, pick up an ice-cold refreshment and savour the unfurling stars.

Guests sleep in small tents, already raised and securely pegged into the earth like the intrepid safari-goers of old. Inside you’ll find luggage place on the comfortable stretcher, warm blankets, soft linen and towels plus a torch ensure a relaxing evening ahead.

Camping in the Okavango Delta

Outside, a roaring fire awaits encircled with camping chairs and a glass of wine sits ready. What stories will unfold around the flames?

For dinner, we serve a three-course meal (cooked on the fire) at the table nearby, which is prettily prepped with plates, napkins and every other necessity you’d expect from a lodge stay. The same spread and set up awaits for nourishing breakfast before the walk back to the lodge.

Coffee Moremi Crossing

As for the ablutions, camp staff set up a bucket shower and pit toilet at a different location for each camping excursion to minimise the environmental impact. Staff will load hot water from the fire into the private shower cubicle for an invigorating cleanse. There’s nothing to fear about your evening outside.

Shower Wilderness Camping


Let’s go camping in the Okavango Delta!

Camping in the Okavango Delta

Every trip to the Moremi Game Reserve is special. Let’s make it unforgettable.

Moremi Crossing and Gunn’s Camp both offer this bush camping excursion as an activity for guests based at the luxury lodges. This rustic experience is subject to availability and must be pre-booked in advance.

Contact us to book your safari in the heart of the Okavango Delta and arrange a wilderness camping excursion.

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