What to pack

What to pack for your Botswana Safari

The time has finally arrived! The excitement is building as you get your empty suitcase out of storage, but then it hits you… what do you need to pack? After all, a safari in Botswana isn’t exactly a ‘cookie-cutter’ holiday.

Our advice? Don’t overthink it. Guests often overpack for their safari. Here is our guide on what to pack for your safari in Botswana:

Consider the weather in Botswana:

Before you start packing it is important to consider the weather in Botswana for the time of year that you will be visiting.

If you are traveling to Botswana during summer (December and March) expect some rain. Most days are bright and sunny with the occasional rain coming down in spurts during afternoon thunderstorms. Daytime temperatures average around 32°C/90°F.

Winter in Botswana (May to October) is a bit cooler with daytime temperatures averaging in the low 20s°C/66°F with little to no rain. Early mornings and evenings can get chilly especially if you are planning to go out on a game drive during these times so remember to pack a warm jacket.

You’ll kick yourself if you forget to take these basics:

What to pack for your Botswana safari 2

  • Sunblock – The African sun can be very harsh on your skin. Take extra precaution and wear good quality, high SPF (Sun Protection Factor) sunblock.
  • Sunglasses– Wear good polarised sunglasses on safari to prevent you from squinting. You’ll miss all the wildlife action if you’re eyes are closed!
  • A camera, charger and spare memory cards– You will probably want to capture every moment of your Botswana safari so make sure you take plenty of memory cards for your camera. Remember to also pack the charger, guests often forget this important item.
  • Binoculars– Even though Botswana is known for incredible up-close wildlife encounters, there might be times when you want to get an even closer look at the wildlife.
  • Hat– This will reduce the sun’s glare, and protect your head and face from the sun while exploring wild Botswana. For even more protection, wear a hat with a flap on the back to cover your neck and prevent it from getting sunburned.

What to wear on safari:  

What to pack for your Botswana safari 3

  • Shirts– Collared long sleeve shirts work best on safari as you can roll up the sleeves if it gets hot, and roll them down when you are cold. Not only does a shirt assist with protecting your skin from the harsh sun, but it also guards you from pesky insect bites. The collars can be turned up to shield the neck from sunburn or wind.
  • Pants – The best safari pants to wear are convertible ones, with the zip off option which turns your long pants into shorts in one easy move. Just as the long sleeve shirt allows versatility, so do the combo pants. Pants are more practical on safari for women as you might have to get off your safari vehicle and hike in the bush in search of wildlife.
  • Shoes – Closed shoes or hiking boots work best as they protect you from thorns, dangerous bites and stings. Just make sure that you walk them in before you wear them on your safari.
  • For the ladies– For a bounce-free ride, pack a comfortable sports bra. The safari drives can get uncomfortable as the roads can be very bumpy.
  • A light weight, rainproof jacket– One will be enough as you might need it on a cold night or on a rainy day.

What to pack for your Botswana safari 4

In addition to all of the above, the most important thing to bring is yourself, someone to share the unforgettable experience with, and a sense of adventure! Start packing, and join us for the experience of a lifetime.

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