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Dinner Cruising on the Chobe

Dinner Cruising on the Chobe

Picture having a sip of fine wine and a bite of a succulent starter whilst listening to the sounds of Africa and seeing the starlit sky opening up above you whilst you cruise down the serene Chobe River. Dining on a boat at night, in the middle of Africa really is an enthralling experience.

The Chobe Safari Lodge offers Dinner Cruises to provide their guests with an opportunity to combine the experience of being part of nocturnal Chobe with fine dining. Happy, hungry cruisers can expect to taste locally and internationally influenced cuisine consisting of a starter, main course and a dessert accompanied with a selection of wines.

The Chobe River that runs between the shores of Namibia and Botswana is a beguiling location during daytime, with hippos wallowing in the water and a variety of other wildlife wandering on the riverbanks. Yet, not many visitors have the opportunity to truly experience the setting from the water when the sun goes down. A dinner cruise under the stars, surrounded by the sounds of nature and the unique surroundings of the Chobe, is a thrilling way of taking in the true splendor of Botswana.

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