Pom Pom Camp
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The Secret of Pom Pom Camp

Shhh! We’re letting you in on a special, restricted location in the Okavango Delta. The Okavango Delta is a flourishing green space whose life-blood stems from the waterways that break away from the Okavango River as it snakes down from ...
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What Our Guests Say

Guests weigh in on their stay at Under One Botswana Sky lodges and camps. Guests have been loving the complete safari experience offered at our properties located within all of Botswana’s world-class destinations. Here are some of the reviews received by ...
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Unforgettable Destinations For Your Honeymoon – Botswana

Whether you’re looking for a luxurious yet affordable island accommodation, the adventure of a lifetime, or a private and romantic getaway, there are plenty of destinations that will meet and even exceed your expectations. The old standbys like Hawaii are ...